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Magic School (High School) 2

Magic High School 2 is a sequal of the collaboration Magic High School. This doesn't mean that you had to be in Magic High School. This is just a new chapter. A new beginning. Magic High School is a school especially for those who has strange powers within them and for those who wants to train with that power. It has dorms and classes just like regular school and also has extra classes like: Potion Class, Nature Class, Fighting Class, Element Class, and much more! Your students can train in specially made gym rooms where they can become stronger. The school includes a dorm where students can live in if they are far away from home. The dorming would be managed by the administrator. We encourage you to come and learn an unforgettable experience! If you have any questions at all, please PM Itsumi Omoyashi. Thank you! Authors: (20/20) After 20 authors are filled, for those of you guys who wants to join, will send me, Itsumi Omoyashi, a PM of your artwork of any kind (you can send me more than one images, the reason of joining, and how active you are. I will judge to see if you will be accepted or not.


Added Changes to Dorming Sheet

Sadly, the number of students is odd so Trill is left out. =\ Unless we can get another boy student, that is near his age, Trill's gonna have to room with 2 other students having 3 students in one room.

posted by Itsumi Omoyashi @ February 2nd, 2011, 3:45 pm  -  2 comments

It's been a while..

How was everyone's finals/midterms?

Mine was horrible.. -.-;;
I think I'll have more time to work on this webcomic now.
I believe it is now official to say that we will begin the Magic High School Plot. :D

So what i want each and every one of you guys to draw is your student, entering the high school and looking around, meeting your roommates in a comic/manga form, whatever you like.

For those who doesnt have roommates yet, you WILL get one. I promise you lol. (Just say that your character applied to the Magic High School Late.

For those teachers out there, they will pretty much do the same thing (Except not have a roommate). They'll get ready their new classes and stuff like that.

We'll have "events" like festivals and special days during the "school Year" later on.

As soon as one person starts off with a comic, another person will also, meet each other and we'll have lots of fun. :]

Also, I'll give you guys time on which side your characters would like to take. You know, Good or Bad.
We'll do those things later on. For now, It's Introduction time!

I look forward to working with you all. :] Let's have fun!

posted by Itsumi Omoyashi @ January 31st, 2011, 3:48 pm  -  3 comments

The Plot

Many of you guys should know the plot to this collab already. Think Hogwarts. (Bad Kids, Bad teachers, Good kids, Good teachers).

WE FINALLY have 20 authors.. And we're going to start the plot... in a week!

YUP. A WEEK. Sorry y'all. But there's a good reason why..

I'm pretty sure that most of us here are students.. and I'm pretty sure that a lot of us has finals this week or next week? (Im not sure).

BUT. Cookiecrumbz and I have finals this week to next week. So we need to concentrate on the tests rather than this.. (education is sadly important. D:)

I hope you all understand!

You may continue to put filler comics or just fillers or monthly event stuff..

THanks for being such great co-authors!

posted by Itsumi Omoyashi @ January 18th, 2011, 3:43 pm  -  0 comments

Comics? When???

Some of you guys are probably wondering when we're starting comics...


lol.. jk.

The reason why is because the comic plot is pretty much the school.
The plot will LATER (after everything gets settled) be about evil teacher spies and turning students evil. Of course, you guys can choose if you guys want to be evil or good. That's up to you. :]

So when are we exactly starting the comic?

As soon as the 20 author slots are filled. Before you guys start posting comics though, I will post a thingy where it will tell who is rooming with who. After that, each of you guys will post a comic and we will continue from there!

I know some people randomly put up comics that doesn't even go according to the plot. That's fine. I'll make a separate section for that. But that's later. And until I say so, please refrain yourself from making comics like that..

(I hope people read this btw. I have a feeling people dont. ._.
Let me do a chck! :D For those of you who reads this, comment below~) So i can hunt down those who doesnt read these. *_* lol jk. But yeah. It'd be nice to know. :P

But anyways! Thanks for being such a great bunch! I hope we can have fun in the later future! :]

-Your Administrator,
Itsumi. :]

posted by Itsumi Omoyashi @ January 10th, 2011, 3:59 pm  -  9 comments

New Appearance and New Monthly Event!


Also, FIRST monthly event is out! We're not starting comic yet, but if you'd like to post something, try out the monthly event. :] You can do it many times as you want. Its just for fun, but why not try it out? :D

Don't forget to put it on the Monthly Event section when your uploading it!

posted by Itsumi Omoyashi @ January 5th, 2011, 6:13 pm  -  0 comments


I think some of you guys are missing something.

But first of all, i thank you all for joining this webcomic!
It's gonna be great. :]

I have to tell you guys, some of you aren't reading the rules or the character page.
You MUST pm me the image of the character form along with your pet so that I can approve it.
Second, though I appreciate it, but I'd like for you guys to not be so mod like in this webcomic. I saw the comments on having limit amount of people or something. I agree. But I dont want you guys to start choosing that like it's your own power.

No, Its not that i dont trust you guys or anything, but I want to handle this on my own. it helps my managing skills for future on.

Though I really appreciate the help thank you.

But since I've said that anyways. You guys are right, we need to have limit on amount of authors we're going to have for this collab.

For the next 11 authors, they can join AFTER sending me a pm with their character sheet. And if others REALLY want to join, i'll be deciding by art talent. So, after all 20 members are full, and someone wants to join, she/he will send her/his character sheet to me and whatever art they also want to show me. Then I'll decide depending on how good the art is and how active this person is.

If you have any more questions PM me.

Other than that, thanks all for being great people. :] I look forward to working with you all!

posted by Itsumi Omoyashi @ January 4th, 2011, 5:33 pm  -  0 comments


Welcome to Magic School (High SChool) 2!!

yes, It's alive. :]
For those of you who doesn't know what this means, We had a previous collaboration for this webcomic. In basic terms, this is a sequal!

I'll add the upgraded rules and character sheets.
Those who were in the last one may join, and new authors may join as well.

The last collab died because of lack of update. So, I hope that everyone will be able to update and continue to have fun with other artists. :] (i will do my best also)

For now, please wait until I set everything up!
Thank you~.

posted by Itsumi Omoyashi @ January 2nd, 2011, 4:47 pm  -  0 comments

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