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The Plot

Many of you guys should know the plot to this collab already. Think Hogwarts. (Bad Kids, Bad teachers, Good kids, Good teachers).

WE FINALLY have 20 authors.. And we're going to start the plot... in a week!

YUP. A WEEK. Sorry y'all. But there's a good reason why..

I'm pretty sure that most of us here are students.. and I'm pretty sure that a lot of us has finals this week or next week? (Im not sure).

BUT. Cookiecrumbz and I have finals this week to next week. So we need to concentrate on the tests rather than this.. (education is sadly important. D:)

I hope you all understand!

You may continue to put filler comics or just fillers or monthly event stuff..

THanks for being such great co-authors!

posted by Itsumi Omoyashi @ January 18th, 2011, 3:43 pm  -  0 Comments

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